Twilight: 20 Things That Make No Sense About Edward And Bella’s Relationship


While the Twilight craze began years ago, the popular books and movies remain a hot topic of discussion even to this day.

The first film came out in 2008 and pop-culture was bombarded with pictures of Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, and a teenage obsession with all things vampire. Everyone can remember seeing posters and advertisements for the saga everywhere they went. It was nearly inescapable.

While many teenage girls went crazy for the franchise, a lot of people found the attention it was given obnoxious.

Edward and Bella are considered by some to be the pinnacle of romance, while others are quick to point out their issues.

In a lot of cases, as Twilight fans grew older, they realized more problems with what used to be their favorite book or movie series.

Regardless of which side of the Twilight debate anyone is on, it’s clear that the couple certainly had their issues.

While there are many aspects of Twilight that don’t necessarily make sense, their relationship is a major part of that. There are many details that are confusing or inexplicable, despite their romance being the driving force of the story.

From intense love triangles to unexplained physical interactions, here are the 20 Things That Make No Sense About Edward and Bella’s Relationship.

20 Their Age Difference

One of the weirdest aspects of Edward and Bella’s relationship that is pointed out is their immense age difference. While Edward looked like a teenager – although in the movie, Pattinson definitely looked older – the character is revealed to be over 100 years old.

While a minor age difference of a few years is typically viewed as okay in high school, a gap spanning decades while the girl is still a teenager is certainly uncomfortable for most people.

A person who is 107 is a little old to be going on dates with an underage girl.

However, because he is attractive, arguably romantic, and looks young, a lot of fans just accept their age difference and move on.

Whatever it takes to embrace the love story, right?

19 Edward Is Possessive

While some people view Edward’s protective nature as chivalrous or romantic, a lot of his behavior is unhealthily possessive and even borderline abusive.

Not only does he keep Bella away from threats, but he also keeps her from her friends and her family a lot of the time.

Edward stalks Bella throughout the first movie, as far as following her to a different town, and watches her sleep.

At one point in the series, he even goes as far as to physically take her engine out of her truck so she can’t drive to see Jacob.

One of the most famous lines of the Twilight saga is when he tells Bella, “You are my life now.” This isn’t romantic, it’s codependent and possessive.

18 They Somehow Have A Kid

One of the most confusing aspects of Twilight is the fact that a human and a vampire are able to have a child together.

Biologically, with what has been said about vampires, this should be impossible.

The plot of Breaking Dawn is entirely focused on her pregnancy and baby, but it’s flawed.

Edward is deceased and his body is essentially full of venom. He shouldn’t have any sperm or the ability to impregnate anyone.

Not only that, but Bella can’t be the only vampire to have fallen in love with a human. These instances shouldn’t be so rare.

While the world was created by Stephanie Meyer and whatever she writes goes, the logic behind the pregnancy simply can’t be explained in a way that makes sense.

17 Edward’s Attraction Is Based On Her Scent

While Edward and Bella ultimately have a happy ending, and avoid suffering any losses in the final movie, the entire love story started simply because of the way Bella smelled.

This is the entire basis of Edward’s attraction to her.

It’s odd to think that Bella’s “soulmate” may never have noticed her if her blood didn’t smell so appetizing.

They ended up together because he wanted to eat her so badly. Their connection traces back to bloodlust, which isn’t really what a girl wants to hear on a date.

If he couldn’t smell her, the entire plot of the series may not have existed and they would not have ended up together.

How does this make sense for a romance?

16 Kissing Edward Would Be Like Kissing A Rock

One of the biggest moments in the first Twilight movie is Edward and Bella’s first kiss. It’s filmed like it’s the most intense, difficult, lingering moment of Edward’s entire life.

As each movie passes, the couple grow more and more intimate. The real question is: how does Bella kiss him if his lips are supposedly hard as stone?

According to the books, vampires feel like marble or stone to the touch. This would mean that kissing Edward would be like kissing a statue.

On top of that, vampire’s skin is freezing cold, and most likely, Edward’s breath is cold too.

Theoretically, Bella kissing Edward should be like putting her lips on a giant ice cube, but with venom.

This isn’t exactly the partner most people want to hook up with.

15 He Was Bella’s Only Reason For Living

The entire plot of New Moon centers around Edward leaving Bella. Although they hadn’t been dating for very long, Bella drops into a deep depression and acts like she has no will to live, simply because he left her.

The entire situation is all-too dramatic.

While it’s portrayed as being romantic, her attachment to Edward was unhealthy and led her to become codependent on him.

When he left, she had nothing else in her life she saw worth living for without him.

For a highschooler, this is way too intense. This kind of reaction to a breakup should never be normalized or seen as healthy.

She should have been around friends. She should have also been more active in school or pursued some sort of extracurricular activity, something to make her act like a normal teenager.

14 They Have Zero Chemistry

While in books it can be harder to sense chemistry between two characters, in the movies it’s clear to tell whether or not two actors have a spark.

Despite dating in real life for a long time, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart lack chemistry on screen.

In a romance movie, it’s extremely important for the leads to evoke passion and warmth so the tone is right.

Unfortunately for the makers of Twilight, their leads had the opposite. Interaction between Edward and Bella feel cold and forced for the most part.

It just doesn’t make sense for a love story to lack chemistry between the two main characters.

Even their first kiss makes a lot of viewers cringe.

13 Edward Stalks Her and Watches Her Sleep

Most women don’t find men they have just met and don’t know very well following them around cute, but Bella doesn’t seem to have a problem with it.

Edward consistently stalks Bella and is clearly eavesdropping on all her conversations, and he lets her know all of this.

He would watch her sleep even before they were dating. While every couple thinks the other is cute while they sleep, sitting and watching the girl you have a crush on sleep for hours without her knowing is extremely creepy.

Edward excuses a lot of his behavior as “protection,” but most of it is just obsession.

Stalking and watching someone sleep shouldn’t be misconstrued as romantic, courting behavior. It’s just weird.

12 He Says Her Blood Is Irresistible But Manages To Resist It

Most of the first movie is built on the fact that Edward is dangerous to Bella. He pushes the fact that her blood smells amazing and she’s absolutely irresistible, to the point that he’s afraid he will accidentally snap and end her life.

When Bella is critically injured by James in the ballet studio, Carlisle says the only way to save her, other than turning her, is to suck the venom out of the bite.

According to Edward he won’t be strong enough to stop.

Somehow, he is able to stop before she passes, despite saying he isn’t strong enough throughout the movie.

The movie attributes this to his love and adoration for Bella, but it still doesn’t make sense in the context of the film.

11 Edward Has Bella Kidnapped And She’s Fine With It

Edward is possessive and manipulative throughout all of the movies. However, a lot of his behaviors are controlling one of the worst moments pointed out by fans is in the third movie, Eclipse.

He actually has his sister Alice kidnaps Bella under the pretence of a sleepover so she won’t go visit Jacob.

Despite how obviously messed up this is, Bella stays with Edward and brushes it off like it is nothing.

Her boyfriend forcibly keeping her away from her friends is one thing, but Bella being okay with it makes absolutely no sense.

She should be able to visit whoever she wants. It’s not romantic in any sense of the word and teaches young fans that controlling behavior like this is okay.

10 Bella Never Sees Her Friends

In the beginning of the first Twilight movie, there is a lot of focus on Bella getting introduced at her new school and meeting her new friends.

Jessica, Mike, Eric, and Angela are supposedly the main friends who she begins to hang out with.

Over the course of the movies, however, her friends matter less and less. Her whole life becomes consumed by Edward, and then vampire and werewolf drama.

Even once she’s friends with Jacob, Edward regularly tries to keep her away from him, even by force.

While relationships are certainly important, most teenagers have a group of friends they hang out with as well. Friends are an important aspect of everyone’s life, but Bella doesn’t seem to care about having any.

9 Bella Is Alluring To Everyone

Bella seems to attract every man who is in the same room as her. In the first movie, Mike and Eric both stumble over themselves to try to ask her out, while Edward is fascinated by her immediately.

Jacob also seems to be in love with Bella the second he sees her.

While it’s made clear that vampires, including Edward, are instantly lured to her because of her scent, this still doesn’t explain while both humans and wolves are obsessed with her as well.

Though her scent is a decent reason for attracting vampires, it simply doesn’t make sense that she is so alluring to every single man around as a young, average teenage girl.

8 Edward Threatens Her Life All The Time

It’s one thing to be interested in a bad boy, but it’s an entire other situation to be attracted to a monster who could easily end your life.

Not only is Edward dangerous to Bella, but he actively explains it to her in great detail, essentially threatening her.

As he woos her and takes her on a romantic trek through the woods, he makes sure to let her know the different skills he has that could end her life, and the fact that he’s not sure he can resist the urge to do it.

There’s nothing like having your life threatened on the first date.

As backwards as it seems, apparently it did the trick and Bella decided to stick around.

7 Bella Is Terrified Of Her Own Boyfriend

While Bella does decide to stay with Edward, even after figuring out that he’s a vampire, she constantly acts afraid of him – and not in the nervous, cute way people feel before a first date or kiss. She is actively terrified of him.

In the first movie, when she’s in the woods with him telling him that she knows what he is, she’s so scared that she can’t even move.

Later on, after he saves her from being attacked by a group of men, he’s yelling and driving the car extremely fast. Bella is obviously terrified by this.

Despite her insisting that she knows that Edward won’t hurt her, she looks scared half the time she is with her own boyfriend.

It’s an entirely abusive situation.

6 Bella Won’t Stop Talking About Edward’s Eyes

Everyone enjoys looking at a pair of pretty eyes once in a while. They’re an attractive feature on the person you like. However, Bella takes being attracted to someone’s eyes to a whole new level, which borders on obsession.

She is constantly talking about Edward’s eyes. While it’s certainly intriguing that vampire’s eyes change depending on their diet, it isn’t fascinating enough to be mentioned every other page.

Even in the movies, there are really intense, deep close ups on Robert Pattinson’s eyes.

It does not make sense to keep showing or mentioning eyes that fans have already had referenced multiple times.

The description of her love interest only needs to be written so many times.

5 They Name Their Kid “Renesmee”

The biggest complaint about Breaking Dawn isn’t the plot, the acting, nor the special effects – it’s the fact that Edward and Bella named their child “Renesmee.”

As a combination of the names “Renee” and “Esme,” the atrocious mix has plagued Twilight fans for years.

While it makes sense to name your child after your mother, it makes more sense to use one name as a first name and one as a middle name.

They also combine Carlisle and Charlie to make “Carlie” for the middle name. However, neither are ideal choices.

All in all, it was a horrible name to give a child.

Stephanie Meyer has even said that she understands why fans simply can’t accept “Renesmee” and never will.

4 Edward Shames Bella For Wanting To Be Intimate

After their first kiss gets a little too heated and Edward dramatically backs away from Bella, he frequently shames her for wanting to hook up.

Of course, Edward was born in the early 1900s, so his views on intimacy before marriage are a little old school.

Despite being around for over a hundred years, he still hasn’t come around to the more modern views on the subject. While it’s one thing to harbor older views, it’s another to make your girlfriend feel like a bad person for wanting to get busy.

At one point, Bella even says “You really make me feel like I’m some sort of villain trying to steal your virtue.”

He’s pushing things further just as she is, but he places all of the blame on Bella.

3 Edward Leaves Bella “For Her Own Good”

The entire plot of New Moon starts from a place that doesn’t make much sense. When Edward leaves Bella, he says it’s for her own good after Jasper tries to eat her over a paper cut.

However, in the first movie, another vampire actively hunts her down and leaves her in the hospital.

If he was going to leave her, it would have made much more sense to do it back then.

The infamous paper cut scene has never been logical. While he is a new vampire, Jasper still goes to a school where people have likely gotten minor injuries before, such as nosebleeds or scrapes, and manages to keep from going psycho and sucking their blood.

The entire plot and Bella’s depression could have been avoided. There has always been danger, and Edward chooses to leave over something very minor.

Fans have debated whether or not he should have left for years.

2 Bella Pushes Charlie Aside For Edward

Frequently, in both the books and movies, Bella talks about how important her dad, Charlie, is in her life.

Despite this notion, he is ignored or shoved to the side most of the time. She doesn’t act like he’s important.

She drops everything in her life so that Edward is the sole, most important thing in it.

In the first movie, she does make sure to go back to the house before James can get there to protect him. However, after that, his importance shrinks less and less.

He deals with her depressive state when Edward leaves, pushes her to have a social life, and is a voice of reason.

Despite all of this, Charlie is often left out of his daughter’s life as she gives all her attention to Edward. Charlie always deserved better.

1 Edward Dramatically Tries To End His Life Without Bella In Italy

In New Moon, Edward believes Bella to be deceased and decides to take note from Romeo and Juliet and take his own life.

He tries to do this in the most dramatic, over-the-top way possible – by going to the Volturi.

Not only does he wish for them to end his life, but he decides to do it by standing out in the sunlight and shimmering like glitter in front of other humans.

Firstly, it’s still a ridiculous notion that vampires shine like diamonds in the sunlight, and secondly, there are much easier means by which he can cease to exist.

Other vampires, such as Victoria, who is already out to get him, could end him if he purposefully didn’t fight back very hard.

Regardless of the method, it’s clear that going all the way to Italy was unnecessary.

Can you think of any other things about Edward and Bella’s relationship in Twilight that make no sense? Let us know in the comments!

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