The Marvel Comics Universe is about to blow up into an all-out War of the Realms, a battle so giant that not even the Avengers can cease it. Fortunately, the Justice League of America is becoming a member of the struggle. Nicely, the Marvel model of the DC heroes, anyway.

What started as a joke has now reached a brand new stage of parody, shade, or shameless imitation, relying on how readers view the return of Marvel’s Squadron Supreme. The crew has been quiet since they emerged as Agent Coulson’s new squad in Avengers #700, wanting much more like knockoff Marvel versions of Batman, Superman, Marvel Lady, and Flash than standard. However now, Marvel has given up any look of subtlety in any respect, hyping up followers for the possibility to see the “the greatest heroes of D.C. in action.” Which means Washington, D.C. (clearly).

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For these unfamiliar with the heroes often called the ‘Squadron Supreme,’ their comedian historical past begins within the days when the DC/Marvel feud was still handled playfully, extra typically than viciously. Created by Roy Thomas and John Buscema, the Squadron Supreme was first launched as a crew of villain clearly modeled after DC’s competing Justice League. Superman was re-imagined as Hyperion, Batman turned Nighthawk, Marvel Lady was now Energy Princess, The Flash was the speedster Whizzer, and Inexperienced Lantern was shifted into the multi-colored Physician Spectrum. However after getting used to struggle Marvel’s Avengers, the crew took on a lifetime of their very own.

Villains turned heroes, and have been re-imagined as variations not-so-blatantly ripping off the Justice League roster. However the latest crew to hold the name–the trio of heroes seen combating alongside the Avengers within the War of the Realms–well, it is a good factor DC has apparently determined they don’t seem to be going to sue. Have a look for yourselves:

The spirit of enjoyable is alive and nicely in Marvel’s newest model of the crew, from their new name–the “Squadron Supreme of America”–right all the way down to the “D.C” tagline used to advertise their look. Even so, this cowl and, presumably, the Squadron’s position within the coming warfare will likely be an attention-grabbing check. A check of the place the road is drawn between a playful, tongue-in-cheek parody, and the place Energy Princess is just being drawn as Marvel Lady, sword and protect included. To not point out the brand new Whizzer wanting precisely like a model of Johnny Fast, evil speedster of DC’s personal Crime Syndicate.

However then once more, perhaps it is sensible that DC publishers and comedian e-book followers tolerate and even invite such imitation. In any case, if Marvel needs to indicate that their occasion is so large and so uncontrolled they want the Justice League to assist… we doubt DC would flip down the free publicity. Or D.C., for that matter.

WAR OF THE REALMS TIE-IN! See the best heroes of Washington, D.C., in motion because the Conflict of the Realms involves the nation’s capital. Who wants the Avengers if you’ve bought the all-new Squadron Supreme of America? However who’re these mysterious new heroes, and the place did they arrive from? Solely Agent Coulson is aware of.

The all-new Squadron Supreme of America a.ok.a. “the greatest heroes of D.C.” will leap into the struggle in Avengers #18, accessible at your native comedian e-book retailer on April 24th, or direct from Marvel Comics.

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