The 25 Most Expensive Celebrity Engagement Rings


The factor about celebrity engagement rings is that the longer you examine them, the extra skewed your notion of “expensive” turns into. A hoop that prices $150,000 is now not thought of value a second look once you examine it to 1 that prices $8.Eight million—when in actuality, nearly every celebrity engagement ring is absurdly lovely, massive, and due to this fact expensive. Certain, we expect just about any engagement ring is good to have a look at, however these rings are so outrageous that there’s no means you wouldn’t cease and stare. And whereas making it to the highest 25 is a formidable feat, on this planet of over-the-top engagement rings, there nonetheless might be just one that takes the cake. So on whose finger does the most costly ring relaxation? Preserve studying for the reply.


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