Star Trek: Discovery has proven Captain Christopher Pike‘s darkish future to Pike himself – which makes him an much more tragic character. The commander of the Starship Enterprise, who’s presently assigned to the united statesS. Discovery, is infamously doomed to spend the remainder of his life confined to a wheelchair a few decade from the occasions of Star Trek: Discovery season 2. However on this week’s episode, “Through the Valley of Shadows”, Pike not solely came upon what is going to occur to him, however heroically selected to sacrifice his personal future to avoid wasting the galaxy.

By including Pike (Anson Mount) and Spock (Ethan Peck), to Star Trek: Discovery season 2, the CBS All-Entry prequel collection has used the chance to make Star Trek‘s unaired pilot “The Cage” more important than ever earlier than. Most of what followers knew in regards to the legendary Captain Pike is tied to the occasions of “The Cage” and The Authentic Sequence‘ season 1 two-parter, “The Menagerie”, which revealed Pike’s grim destiny: an accident uncovered the captain to delta rays and left him confined to a wheelchair, unable to maneuver or converse. It will have been a horrific ending to the Starfleet hero, had been it not for Spock working with the aliens on Talos IV in order that Pike may reside in an illusionary world the place he is nonetheless wholesome alongside his love Vina.

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In “Through the Valley of Shadows”, followers discovered Pike really is aware of what his future shall be and that he willingly locked himself into it. When a fourth purple sign appeared over the planet Boreth, Pike launched into a harmful mission to be the primary human to enter its Klingon monastery. Devoted to worshipping the Klingon diety Kahless, the monastery additionally has a secret objective: its Timekeepers defend the planet’s time crystals, which develop naturally on that world. Pike wanted a time crystal to finish the Discovery’s mission to ship the remaining sphere information into the far future and away from Control, the A.I. that has taken over Part 31 and seeks to finish all sentient life within the galaxy.

Injured Pike in Star Trek Discovery

Pike was guided into the monastery by Tenavik, the albino Klingon who’s the son of Voq/Ash Tyler and L’Rell and is now absolutely grown because of publicity to the time crystals. Nonetheless, the Starfleet Captain was warned that to take a time crystal requires an excellent sacrifice distinctive to every individual; for Pike, the time crystal confirmed him the pivotal future occasion that might spoil his life (which followers had by no means seen earlier than). In some unspecified time in the future between 2266-2267, Pike instructions a Starfleet coaching vessel that suffers a ruptured battle plate. Pike evacuates the trainees however is trapped within the room and uncovered to delta rays, which leaves him horribly disfigured. Discovery-era Pike then got here face-to-face together with his future self trapped in a black wheelchair, his face actually melting from his cranium.

Though the captain was understandably horrified, Pike steeled himself to finish his mission, regardless that if he selected to not, he may have prevented the timeline the place this tragedy befalls him. Reminding himself, “You’re a Starfleet Captain. You consider in service, sacrifice, compassion, and love”, Pike took the uncooked time crystal and willingly sacrificed his personal future to make sure “an ending I hadn’t foreseen for myself”. Pike wholeheartedly believed this was the one technique to save the galaxy and he did the noble factor. Within the earlier Star Trek: Discovery episode, “Perpetual Infinity”, Dr. Gabriel Burnham, who is the time-traveling Red Angel, warned Pike that he wasn’t going to love his future. In fact, she was proper, and Pike now has to reside with the data of what is to return for him.

It appears a tragic ending befalls Pike in each actuality; within the Kelvin timeline of J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek movies, Pike (Bruce Greenwood) additionally results in a wheelchair because of Nero earlier than he dies by phaser hearth in Star Trek Into Darkness. Fortunately, Star Trek: Discovery season 2 has given Pike way more credence. Anson Mount’s heroic Pike not solely lives as much as his legend however followers now know the depth of his sacrifice. By willingly selecting the galaxy over a grim future for himself, Captain Pike proved that he actually embodies Star Trek‘s highest ideals.

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