Shop 4 Podiatrist-Approved Spring Shoe Trends

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There are a lot of spring shoe trends, we’re presently fangirling over, however ever since we reported on the floss heel craze of 2019, the shoe development has turn into one we’re notably enthusiastic about. I imply, what’s to not love in regards to the barely there straps and the key versatility? Nicely, in accordance with The Excessive Heel Doc, Bobby Pourziaee, DPM, of Rodeo Drive Podiatry, there’s truly fairly a bit to not love. We regularly run current shoe trends by podiatrists to get a pulse on how our foot well being might be impacted by the sneakers we’re sporting for days on finish, and far to our shock (and dismay), he knowledgeable us that spring’s largest shoe development—floss heels—is, in actual fact, dangerous in your toes. 

“Even though floss heels show off your feet for the world to admire, they don’t provide the best support. There is a general lack of support around the foot and ankle, which can easily lead to twisting of the ankle while walking. The lack of support can also lead to overuse injuries like tendonitis,” he tells us. So now what? 


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