Love is life


Messages from a Himalayan Mystic Sequence

These messages originate from Himalayan Yogi and Mystic Sri Maharshi who belongs to the everlasting Siddha Custom – a lineage of perfected beings. In Yogic lore, the Siddhas are thought of essentially the most mystical, clever, and beneficent. This message is interpreted and disseminated by me, an imperfect being, on behalf of this residing lineage. Whereas I’m entrusted to take action, if there may be any knowledge on this matter, it’s solely theirs, and if there are any faults herein, they’re solely mine.

This message on love is of explicit significance. Within the fixed evolution of religious revelation that’s the true legacy of India and its nice seers, this new exposition on love, in a major method, unifies the streams of the Jnana (Data), Bhakti (Devotion), and Yoga traditions. It considerably expands the understanding of affection and resets its order in our cultural zeitgeist. Therein lies its newness for the world. And whereas it could be a novel revelation for humanity right now, as Reality, it at all times was.

Be love. Be beloved. Unfold love.

Love is life.

This sutra (a string of Reality) is the quintessential which means of affection. It’s the thread that brings color to the material of life.

What’s love? We’ve got come to know or really feel it primarily as an emotional connection between two or extra folks. We could have skilled emotions of oneness with others however we’ve got additionally restricted our expression of affection to a choose few.

However love just isn’t a software for possession, as some in human relations count on. Love just isn’t a way of making an impression, as some leaders try to do. It can’t be conditioned. It can’t be compulsive. Love goes far past that.

The journey to understanding and figuring out love begins with the declaration that ‘I am love’. Love is essentially the most fundamental expression of life and life is the very illustration of affection. That which supplies momentum to life is love. That which evolves life can also be love.

Love is the fundamental dimension of the entire creation. That which wills the creation is love. It’s the boundless reservoir of affection that bequeaths the creation. Love decrees, so the creation manifests. As life is sparked, love ensues. So the creation comes from love and exists for like to blossom. Our very start is to know love, to be love, to obtain love, and to unfold love. Life’s highest purpose is love so love is life.

Be love.

Love is the very basis of life. It’s the very origin – essentially the most fundamental expression of existence. Love was earlier than us, and it’ll survive us. It transcends all experiences, irrespective of how blissful, and but it’s on the core of all experiences. With out love, even bliss can be stale. With out love, life can be totally dry.

Your complete existence is sure along with love. One who’s centered or one-pointed in love can really feel or understand the whole existence. If there’s a God, we all know God solely by love.

And if this God is the oneness, then love is the ladder to that oneness. If Grace descends on us, it is just as a result of love has ascended inside us. Love flows, so blessings bestow. Love expands, so compassion contains. Love accepts, so mercy forgives. Love surrenders, so bliss penetrates. Love peaks, so devotion integrates.

So set in your quest for love, change into thirsty for love, quench this longing additionally with love, and arrive unto figuring out with love. If one has to enter the unified stream of consciousness which is life itself – if one has to expertise the state of existence which is entire, then one has to climb the ladder of affection. Love is the one pressure that completes the unified side of residing, so be love – love is life.

Be beloved.

Whereas we could change into conscious of our deeper function to be love and to like, our expertise of life is designed to obtain love. With out receiving love, our vessel will at all times falter. So blessed are they who’re lucky sufficient to obtain the bounty of affection from life.

From the start, it’s the mom’s love which allows our quest for understanding of the world with out and inside. It’s the blessing of affection from the daddy that allows our journey to outlive and prosper.

{Our relationships} with household and group, if they’re of a nurturing and loving high quality, are an amazing help that transfer us within the path of success of life. And love might be an important ingredient that creates an affirming and open office tradition. Extra must be accomplished to facilitate the cultivation of affection in our work environments.

And when people fail to provide love, as they usually do, nature can at all times be relied upon to obtain unconditional love. A stroll in a backyard or forest or by the ocean can really feel very nurturing as a result of it’s filling our vessel with love. Animals are additionally adept at immediately reciprocating love. Love is enshrined in all of nature – all we’ve got to do is attune ourselves to obtain it.

If we’ve got managed to meet our worldly aspirations with love, acquired from all these round us, we begin searching for and sometimes arrive on the threshold of our life mentor. For they may also search us after they understand our honest searching for. This remaining assembly with our life mentor has the potential of overflowing our vessel with their unconditional love and overwhelming us with the blessings of life.

But when we’re not beloved, then there isn’t a function to life. It’s only as a result of we’ve got acquired love, that we’ve got been capable of improve our notion and understanding of life. Love is the bridge between intelligence and understanding. Dwelling collectively, transferring collectively, working collectively, occurs solely due to love. Togetherness is love. The very strategy of life is facilitated by love, so be beloved – love is life.

Sri Maharshi in a second of Oneness.

Unfold love.

As soon as we all know that love is what we’re searching for in every little thing, and we’re capable of obtain the love that we search, if it culminates in us, then we change into the declarers of affection. It is extremely pure to then unfold love. This turns into our highest function. For then, love empowers kindness. Kindness additional culminates in compassion. And compassion born out of deep love is the completion of life.

There was a time when love was the fundamental impetus of all life. The tradition of that point ensured that love was enshrined in all human actions and aspirations. The essential instructing was the cultivation of affection inside – because the sutra above states. Till one was brimming with love, they might not pursue any relation or significant human endeavour.

Therefore, conjugal relations developed solely when two folks have been actually in love – the type that was unattainable to ‘fall out of’. Love, inside a human being, was an everlasting and self-sustaining high quality that survived all worldly relationships and actions. So it had the ability to be unconditional.

A toddler was consciously conceived with the seed of affection. A toddler was born into that very same loving ambiance. A toddler’s function was established to dwell a loving life. A toddler was initiated to the religious path by their very own loving dad and mom.

A toddler’s house was their ashram the place they realized to like. A toddler grew as much as worth love past every little thing else. They have been nurtured in love. They have been inspired to satisfy their educators and academics with love – to study with love. They approached their very own relationships and life’s work with love.

By the tip of their life, they have been so full of affection, that they solely knew find out how to unfold love unconditionally. Their vessel was full of affection. Having reached the height of life inside, they may however solely declare that love is life. One of many biggest beings to exemplify this life of affection was Jesus of Nazareth. Born of the seed of affection, he solely knew love, was nurtured in love, acted in love, and showering love over all humanity, together with his final breath, exclaimed that love is life.

For the previous few millenniums, this has been slipping from our consciousness. Over the past hundred years, we’ve got change into fully unaware of this. Our life motto has as an alternative change into success is life.

Now, we’re born right into a household and society that has already set its aspirations for us, however not our function to like. We play with ample toys however with a shortage of affection round us. We’re educated to realize nice materials success that’s usually devoid of affection. We’re distracted from love by our know-how.

We fail to obtain love from our fellow people, and we fail to search out the time to obtain it from nature. Within the course of, people are struggling, and nature is struggling much more. That’s the tragedy of the trendy human.

We solely work for wealth. We solely purchase wealth for energy. We solely purchase energy for fame. And because the finish attracts nearer, we begin realizing the vacuum of affection inside. However success can not purchase love.

Then, sarcastically, we’re instructed that we are going to discover love in an ashram the place we are able to study to change into religious. However it’s too late by then. Demise, as a messenger of life, involves remind us of the worth of affection, solely to our remorse as our vessel goes away dry. Worse, because the world we valued a lot forgets us, as our footprints are washed away as quick because the retreating wave, we really feel an utter vacancy inside. So except we all know love, obtain love, and unfold love, that is to be our destiny.

Time has as soon as once more come for like to take its rightful place as the basis function of all life – from start to demise and each single second in between. From that continuous consciousness of affection from starting to finish, all human endeavours can change into lovely once more. From that bounty of loving exchanges amongst all of life, a distinct exuberance can come up on our planet as we unfold love – love is life.

in love,

Nitin Dixit

from Rishikesh – within the foothills of my beloved Himalayas
April 7, 2019

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