How To Grow Pineberries At Home (They Look Like Strawberries, But Taste Like Pineapples!)


Pineberries don’t come from pine timber, they’re really pineapple flavored strawberries!

Apart from their distinctive taste, these little fruits have the distinctive look of a white to gentle pink pores and skin and darkish pink seeds.

Though these berries are harking back to the naturally-occurring Alpine strawberry (which has inexperienced or white seeds), pineberries are produced by the crossbreeding of the North American native Fragaria virginiana, and the Chilean strawberry, Fragaria chiloensis. The Chilean selection is the ancestor of the strawberry everyone knows and love (1).

Additionally referred to as Fragaria x ananassa, pineberries aren’t genetically modified in a lab (2). As a substitute, they’re the results of the cross-pollination of various strawberry varieties. In reality, to ensure that pineberries to bear fruit, they should be cross-pollinated with North American berries. It took 6 years for Dutch farmers to pick and domesticate these crops earlier than they developed the right selection.

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