Hilary and Ashley Banks: The Fashion Stars of Fresh Prince


Nearly 28 years ago to the day, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air premiered on TV. Along with the iconic theme song, a slew of ridiculous pickup lines, and the Jazz handshake, there’s one other impossible-to-forget aspect of the show that’s still influential today. We’re talking about the most stylish silver-screen sisters of the ’90s: Hilary and Ashley Banks.

With this anniversary on the horizon—the premiere date being September 10, 1990—we’re paying overdue homage to the stylish duo who never completely agreed on what to wear. Instead, they provided dual perspectives on the height of ’90s fashion.

In a bit of a nutshell, Hilary is the older sister, always dressed as if her social calendar is booked (it is) and loves a strong, sophisticated silhouette as much as she does a powerful accessory. On the other hand, little sister Ashley sees more of a style evolution over the show’s six seasons—beginning as a sweet child in patterned, poofy dresses and growing into a teen who loves iconic ’90s staples and isn’t afraid to belt Aretha Franklin as a metaphor for how she’s come into her own.

Now, with their different perspectives of dressing, how can you decide which Fresh Prince star’s style is more you in 2018? There’s no pressure to pick just one, of course, but for a bit of fashion fun, we broke down a few signature staples of the Banks sisters to help you continue emulating their looks today. Are you more a Hilary or Ashley? Scroll down to find out.


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