Here’s what happens if you post a video of the Christchurch massacre on your blog


Language has at all times been deployed by all human societies as a weapon of genocide. Genocide of thoughts, of consciousness, of potential to awake, to know, to know, to understand. What?

Actuality. Truth. Fact. All Fact. The Forbidden Truths.

I write about this extensively inside My texts, starting at My 2002 Essential Manifesto, the place I selected to make this precise matter one in all My primary essays.

On the finish of this essay, I’ll embrace hyperlinks to just some of My extra complete and uniquely good dissections of this common human perversion: Definitional Brainwashing.

Definitional Brainwashing is My phrase, My distinctive perception to the human situation, deploying language to carry Fact again to life, again into existence, for a species so brainwashed it can not understand the Fact that it’s already useless, individually and collectively. The Forbidden Truths of Definitional Brainwashing  characterize and manifest as perfection of expression, The Matrix of Common Phantasm pierced and shredded, uncovered inside the actively spurting blood of the fact of common thoughts homicide, uncovered for all who’re sane to view and to know, by Me.

Nothing on planet earth will be seen or understood for what it’s, due to definitional brainwashing. Definitional brainwashing just isn’t one particular person mendacity to a different particular person. It isn’t authorities, or another organized social construction, deceiving people, on any scale. It isn’t the social indoctrination of any particular ideology or perception system. No. Definitional brainwashing is the sum complete of every part that exists now inside the whole universe of human consciousness, because it has been collectively mutilated, deformed, and perverted for a lot of hundreds of years, inside a steady timeline of previous, current, and future, cannibalizing each real-time second of Now, by everybody, for everybody, for each human-born, in every single place on planet earth.

Definitional brainwashing is why common slavery for all, is perceived as freedom. It’s why the proactive and deliberate homicide of helpless, womb-trapped youngsters is well known by essentially the most educated and essentially the most civilized, as a sacred private freedom and a fundamental human proper, it’s why the sadistic and merciless punishment and harming of tortured and destroyed ex-children who merely specific and reveal the fact of their horrific victimization, is decreed to be justice, it’s why the emotional and sexual slavery of the interpersonal relationship is decreed to be an expression of affection, and a lot extra.

Every little thing that’s flawed on the earth, that means the very fact, the fact, the Forbidden Fact, that every part on the earth is flawed, will be traced again to the common thoughts blindness, invisible to the collective consciousness of all of humanity, that’s definitional brainwashing.

Phrases create concepts and actuality perceptions. Actuality perceptions decide every part about every part, the whole spectrum of perceived actuality, selection, alternative, what is true and what’s flawed, what is sweet and what’s dangerous, what is appropriate and fascinating, what should be modified and what can’t be modified, what life is and what demise is, what ache is and what pleasure is, and a lot extra

“Do I Exist? If I do not exist, what must happen, what must I do, in order to come into existence??” <That is the one most simple, elemental, and elementary query mankind should ask and precisely reply for itself, each individually and collectively, to be able to make a declare to be sentient. And but, due to Definitional Brainwashing, no human is even allowed to ask this query! To ask it, merely to ask it, opens you as much as the demonizing labels of madness and stupidity. to be mocked and ridiculed and shunned. Decrees society: “Look at that idiot, he is questioning whether he exists…Let’s punch him in the nose, the pain will help him to realize how stupid he is to ask such a dumb question…”

It’s April 28, 2019 as I write these phrases, and each human notion is the polar reverse of reality, actuality, and Fact. Common slavery is perceived as freedom. Binding shackles and locked cages are perceived to be ropes to grab and climb your method to freedom. Demise is perceived to be life. Nugatory objects are perceived to own immense worth. Sadistic punishment is perceived as a path to revive justice. The infliction of hurt is perceived as a way to stop hurt from occurring. Knowledge is perceived as stupidity. Brilliance is perceived to be imbecility. Assistance is perceived to be hurt. And on and on on, the listing is infinite, every part you understand is the alternative of reality, actuality, and Fact, you pathetic human sheeple!

So lets swap gears barely. The entire info and Truths I reveal above, relating to Definitional Brainwashing, are third-person views. What I wish to do now, is instantly merge these summary Truths with My very own very latest and really private expertise of vicious assault, thoughts and Fact homicide as carried out towards Me by ICANN,, and For these of you who sincerely wish to perceive precisely what definitional brainwashing is and the way it works, and but stay too mind-broken to combine third-party info to their very own expertise of actuality notion, the beneath dissection gives a uniquely clear alternative to attempt to bridge this hole of consciousness.

So, from 2014 to 2019 I created a novel and delightful universe of Fact and actuality consciousness through writing. I named My creation the Forbidden Fact Weblog, and I selected to share it with each human-born on planet earth, through this web factor that your slavemasters have developed, popularized, and addicted you pathetic fools to.

What’s the web? An organized weapon of thoughts genocide deployed by all human governments to form, mildew, dictate, and management the life path decisions of all human beings. What’s the web marketed as being? An open platform that enables all human beings the world over to share their realities and set up empowering connections with one another and with new concepts. So right here you see instance #1 of Definitional Brainwashing as it really works in real-life.

Subsequent: ICANN is The Web Company for Assigned Names and Numbers. It says:

Welcome to the worldwide neighborhood! ICANN is a not-for-profit public-benefit company with members from everywhere in the world devoted to holding the Web safe, secure and interoperable. It promotes competitors and develops coverage on the Web’s distinctive identifiers. By way of its coordination function of the Web’s naming system, it does have an necessary impression on the enlargement and evolution of the Web.” What’s it in Fact, stripped of Definitional Brainwashing? A government-created and government-controlled terrorist group that controls and polices the web by claiming and imposing by power, a proper to license and to droop area registrars, personal corporations that hire house to content material creators on the web through the promoting of URL addresses. Instance #2 of Definitional Brainwashing. is a non-public firm, a site registrar, that sells area identify URL addresses to citizen-slaves. It claims to be a free, open, and impartial group, devoted to selling a free web and serving to all particular person human beings to ascertain their very own presence, voice, and ideological content material on the web, freed from all exterior interference or censorship. However when you strip it of Definitional Brainwashing, what you will have is: A non-public firm working below the direct and absolute management of presidency and ICANN, legally compelled to censor and to take away web content material as demanded by authorities and ICANN, instantly topic to authorized sanction and to the termination of their capability to proceed to have interaction in enterprise transactions with citizen-slaves, in the event that they refuse to observe and to just accept the censorship calls for of presidency and ICANN. is a non-public firm that creates software program and a internet hosting platform for human writers who need to specific themselves on the web. Solely not too long ago has it develop into licensed by ICANN to instantly promote domains. In previous years, if supplied domains on the market to citizen-slaves, as a part of its providers, however stored secret the truth that it used as an organization associate to truly carry out and preserve the area identify registrations. In doing so, it abdicated and ceded all accountability for the destiny of those domains. Constantly, has at all times marketed itself as an ideal defender and promoter of free speech, categorically against all censorship. Eliminate Definitional Brainwashing and you’ve got: is the general public advertising and marketing identify of Automattic Integrated, a multi-billion greenback company working below the legal guidelines and below the whole management of the federal government of the us of amerikkka. It’s legally compelled to censor and to take away all content material created by any particular person human being, upon order of the amerikkkan authorities, and absent authorized order, it’s nonetheless financially obligated to obey and to carry out such removals, upon authorities request, below risk of struggling nice monetary loss because of public criticism or condemnation from the amerikkkan regime.

Subsequent challenge is TOS, Phrases of Service: Each and, Inc., select to impose what they name “Terms of Service” upon all of their human slave “customers”. The Phrases of Service present these corporations with the authorized capability to assert to supply and shield freedom of speech, whereas in actuality offering them with the authorized authority to censor content material and destroy freedom of speech.

For instance, have a look at what publicly claims at their very own web site, because it tries to draw new “customers”:

“When you discover a web site that violates our User Guidelines or Terms of Service, we would like you to tell us about it. Please perceive that we don’t at all times reply to those experiences, however each single one is learn (by an actual human being), and the reported web site is reviewed accordingly.

Extra importantly, please observe that the workforce behind strongly believes in freedom of speech. has an enormous viewers unfold throughout many cultures, international locations and backgrounds with various values and our service is designed to let web customers freely specific any concepts and opinions with out us censoring or endorsing them.

We take all experiences severely, however we received’t take away websites simply because they’re offensive (even to us!). We predict the proper response to dangerous or offensive concepts is to talk out towards them, to not censor them. If a web site is publishing offensive content material with which you don’t agree, be at liberty to create a site to talk your personal thoughts on the topic — you’ll after all have the identical rights.”

However look what wordpress stated to Me in its e mail informing Me it was murdering The Forbidden Fact Weblog:

So, absent Definitional Brainwashing, the Phrases of Service of each corporations are merely a instrument by which they will destroy and eradicate any Area, and any web content material created by any particular person citizen-slave, at their very own will, selection, and discretion, absent all authorized foundation, a lot much less authorized demand of a authorities or a quasi-government group similar to ICANN.

On this case, destroyed the Area by eradicating it from the web, and weeks later, destroyed the entire content material itself, all of My weblog posts, which nonetheless existed at their free sub-domain, by cancelling My paid account with out My permission or authorization. Right here you see how the web is definitely managed and censored by corporations that current a public face of honoring, defending, and enabling free expression of concepts, info, realities, and Truths.

The so-called “reason” all this was completed to Me, was as a result of I posted an uncensored video of Brenton Tarrant’s headcam recording of his personal Christchurch, New Zealand church bloodbath of March 15, 2019. It was authorities that ordered this video be censored and faraway from the web. That’s the reason not even one media group on planet earth dared to point out it to you citizen-slaves. The video exhibits nothing however reality, actuality, Fact. It promotes nothing, it merely exhibits what occurred, the info, the fact, the Fact, which must be the #1 mandate of all journalists and all media entities. Each media group ought to have been enjoying this video again and again and over, as a part of its most simple mandate to tell, to point out, to divulge to the universe the fact and the very fact of what occurred.

However no, due to Definitional Brainwashing, It’s a legal and unlawful act, prohibited by regulation, for any public company to point out you any video that the federal government has determined it desires to censor and to eradicate from the web, and from tv too, after all. From all public view. The federal government calls for it, and each media group, each web company, should obey. And its all being completed to shield you, to your security. Sure, Fact, reality, actuality, all this should be destroyed and murdered, to be able to maintain you secure and shielded from hurt. The federal government is defending you from hurt, even because it systematically and ritualistically destroys you every day of your imaginary existence. Right here you perceive a top-level triumph achieved through Definitional Brainwashing.

Let’s dig deeper. Throughout My 6 yr relationship with, my “partner” in publishing My essays on the web, I engaged in lots of conversations with “Happiness Engineers”. Sure, happiness engineers. What’s a Happiness Engineer? I’ll let let you know:

As a Happiness Engineer, you like serving to individuals.

Reworking publishing on the internet is not any small activity. Our objective is to construct relationships primarily based on belief which end in blissful, passionate, loyal clients and colleagues. We do that by means of listening to their wants and guiding them to the fullest use of the merchandise we provide. We’re searching for individuals with the correct mix of compassion, writing abilities, and technical information to get the job completed.”  Finish Quote.

So, a Happiness Engineer is a front-line propagandist. He works for the company, and his job is to persuade you that every part is okay when you will have an issue or a problem, after you will have been efficiently coerced to decide on the company to host your content material on the web. The entire Happiness Engineers I interacted with had been very pleasant and well mannered and inspiring. At all times. Even after murdered My area. “We’ll figure it out, we’re talking to them about it now, working on a solution, thank you for your patience…”

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However guess what? additionally has a unique military of workers. As a substitute of Happiness Engineers, they go by the identify “Community Guardians”: They don’t promote their providers brazenly, just like the Happiness Engineer. No. Why not?? As a result of they’re the precise murderersemployed by You’ll in all probability by no means have contact with them, until they determine to homicide your weblog. They by no means chat, they solely ship emails. Emails telling you that you’ve got been murdered by the corporate they work for. Right here is one other blogger, speaking about her homicide by the Group Guardians:

One Researcher’s Account of a Takedown

The Group Guardians at would possibly or won’t make the precise selections as to which accounts to terminate and delete. Maybe they’re solely the messengers for the hitmen, whose identities at all times stay utterly secret, even on a primary identify degree, telling you that you’ve got been murdered. doesn’t talk about the homicide course of, after all. However they’re there, the Group Guardians, weapons in hand, at all times prepared to guard and defend, through homicide. Not shield and defend you after all, however the terrorist construction that retains them fed, the company of

Are these simply “cute” names, Happiness Engineer and Group Guardian? Maybe to you, idiot, in case you are blind to what Definitional Brainwashing is. However see the Forbidden Fact: Each media company on planet earth is constructed upon the precise mannequin of presidency. 

The Happiness Engineer is the elected political chief, his mandate is to at all times let you know that every part can be okay, to at all times be nice and charming, to vow to repair your entire issues and complaints, to make your setting nice and secure, to get you thru daily of horrific slavery and oppression and common homicide for all, whereas holding you satisfied you might be having fun with freedom, a superb life, and constructive engagement together with your neighborhood.

And the Group Guardian? He’s the terrorist masquerading as a policeman. He lurks within the shadows, weapons on the prepared, ready for the chance or the shadow, secret order from authorities leaders, to take you down, destroy you, eradicate and homicide you, physique, voice, keyboard, or pen. To silence you by destroying you.

Phrases management the universe. Mere phrases. Due to just one factor: The profitable implementation and imposition of Definitional Brainwashing, by authorities, on a worldwide degree, inside common invisibility and lack of notion, upon all of human consciousness.

So, we transfer on. When eliminated My weblog from the web, they knowledgeable Me my Area was “suspended”. When selected to cancel My account, take away My subdomain from the web, and delete all 900+ of My weblog posts from it’s servers, they too declared they had been “suspending my site”

Droop. That’s a phrase. However what does it imply?? What does it specific? In accordance with the Merriam-Webster dictionary:

transitive verb

1 : to debar briefly particularly from a privilege, workplace, or perform (droop a scholar from college)

2a : to trigger to cease briefly (droop bus service)b : to put aside or make briefly inoperative (droop the principles)

3 : to defer to a later time on specified circumstances (droop sentence)

4 : to carry in an undetermined or undecided state awaiting additional data (droop judgment)(droop disbelief)

So, My Area was suspended by GoDaddy?? My weblog and the 900+ essays I wrote and posted to My weblog had been suspended by Actually? Critically??

No. My area was eradicated, destroyed, murdered, annihilated, worn out of existence, by And My weblog was dismembered, mutilated, cannibalized, destroyed, murdered, annihilated, and worn out of existence, by

The phrases I take advantage of are correct, factual, Truthful, absent all Definitional Brainwashing. They reveal what was completed to Me, My texts, and My weblog. The phrase “suspend” completely and completely subverts, conceals, and misdefines what was completed to Me, and the tip results of what was completed to Me, in good reflection of the fact of Definitional Brainwashing because it thrives inside all of human consciousness at the moment.

“Oh don’t be silly, you can’t murder words and writings, only people can be murdered…” That’s what you pathetic idiots, damaged brains enslaved and crippled by Definitional Brainwashing, sheepishly bleat. Silly inferiors! Phrases and writings are extra alive than you possibly can ever hope to be! A singular concept, brilliantly articulated by Me, possesses the capability to carry all of humanity to life, to finish demise itself! Each one in all you might be being murdered, and the rationale why is since you are unable to outline what life is, what demise is, what existence is, and what homicide is! And but there you stand, attempting to guage this essay negatively as a result of it tells you that My weblog was murdered. Oh, the unimaginable irony of all of it!

What did to Me, is strictly parallel to them seizing Me, The Seer of Forbidden Fact, Me as an indivudual human-born, tying Me to a stake within the public sq. of the biggest metropolis in amerikkka, dousing Me with gasoline, setting Me on fireplace, after which displaying My smoldering corpse for all to see, with a written signal saying:

Consideration people: That is what we do to individuals who inform the Fact!

As a result of every of us exists as a thoughts universe. For six years I gave the exterior universe, through the web, the present of My inside universe of thoughts. GoDaddy selected to homicide My thoughts, to eradicate Me from the exterior universe, thereby to homicide Me. Interval.

And what about What they did to Me is the entire above, since My sub-domain,, was additionally out there on-line with the identical content material as My major area, plus far more: What they did to Me can be precisely parallel to them finding, seizing, and burning every one in all my very own written and copyrighted print books, that exists in the whole world, after which breaking into my home, looking out it, discovering the unique and singular handwritten manuscripts from which I transcribed my books, and burning every authentic manuscript to ashes. In fact it’s so! As a result of eradicated My authentic information, as a part of their termination of My account, with no information of whether or not or not I had created duplicates or backup information.

So now you perceive and know, inside Fact, the impression of Definitional Brainwashing on only a single incident involving a single particular person. I hope the tiny handful of you who search to know the human world and the way it works, are actually impressed and enlightened to personally dissect the unimaginable, immense, all-encompassing impacts of Definitional Brainwashing upon each side of your personal perceptions of your personal existence and of the fact of the exterior universe that holds you as thoughts hostage through The Matrix of Common Phantasm, the true, precise, useful construction that forestalls every part, actually every part, from being seen and understood inside the mild of Fact.

Listed here are a couple of further essays that flesh out Definitional Brainwashing to a good deeper and extra profound degree. They’re mutilated when it comes to paragraph construction, mutilated by and, however nonetheless stunning and ideal. How becoming, as a result of I’m the identical approach: A mutilated sufferer of humanity, nonetheless stunning and ideal.

And dozens extra essays, all equally good, particularly revealing the operational and useful design buildings of Definitional Brainwashing.

This text was initially printed as Suspended, or Murdered… Censored, or Annihilated and Dismembered… at The Forbidden Fact Weblog.


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