Google Cloud’s new CEO on gaining customers, startups, supporting open source and more

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After Thomas Kurian, Google Cloud’s not too long ago minted CEO, joined the company, he took tons of of conferences to be taught what the corporate’s potential and present clients had been searching for. The overarching theme of these conversations was at all times comparable, he informed me throughout an interview at Google’s Cloud Subsequent convention: “Love the technology — amazed at it. [They] think that it’s the best of the best. But they want more people that can help them adopt it and improvements to how they do business with us.”

In order that’s the primary order of enterprise at Google Cloud now. Kurian, who got here to Google Cloud after 22 years at Oracle, mentioned that the workforce is rolling out new contracts and plans to simplify pricing. Most significantly, although, Google will go on a hiring spree. “A number of customers told us ‘we just need more people from you to help us.’ So that’s what we’ll do,” Kurian mentioned.

I requested Kurian whether or not he believes that his predecessors made a mistake by not doing all of this already. All the time the diplomat, Kurian denied that (after all). “No, I think it’s just the natural evolution of every company. Growing up, understanding their business, seeing an opportunity,” he mentioned. “When I look at it, isn’t it a great position to be in? When you have customers saying ‘please hire more people to help me’ rather than ‘please go away from me?’ ”

Enterprises need Google to determine the enterprise, Kurian argues, as a result of they need to use the corporate’s know-how. “And so we’re trying to do that.”

It doesn’t matter what he thinks about Diane Greene’s tenure at Google Cloud, although, Kurian undoubtedly has the chance to reshape the group now. Once I requested him about how his personal philosophy is completely different from his predecessor, although, he argued that it’s all about listening to clients and giving them what they need. And what they need is extra assist, but in addition higher collaboration instruments, for instance, in addition to extra industry-specific options.

Afterward, although, he additionally famous that what Google Cloud will do going ahead is to play to its strengths. “I think you will see us emphasizing our differentiators and strengthening the multi-cloud infrastructure,” he mentioned, and highlighted today’s launch of Anthos for example of what the corporate can do — and as a product that was developed in response to buyer requests. “We’ve taken the area of security. We’ve taken the area of analytics. We’ve taken the area of AI — and we’ve invested a lot more in solutions there. And the reason is, that’s what customers want from us,” he added

It’s no secret that Google is unquestionably specializing in bringing extra enterprises onto its platform. That’s to not say that Google Cloud doesn’t care about startups, although. “When we say we’re focused on enterprise, it doesn’t mean we’re stopping to focus on the small and medium companies — on the digital natives and the startups,” Kurian mentioned. “Historically, the complaint has always been ‘Google doesn’t focus on enterprises, they focus on digital natives. […] The perception outside that Google doesn’t care about enterprises is not true. And the statement that we’re now going to focus exclusively on enterprises is also not true.”

Kurian argues that 9 of the 10 largest media firms use Google Cloud, in addition to seven of the 10 largest retailers and 6 of the highest 10 enterprise firms. “Other cloud providers would have you believe that no one is using Google, which is not true,” he added.

Speaking about different cloud suppliers, it’s additionally value noting that Google is taking a really completely different strategy to open supply than a few of its opponents, and particularly AWS. That’s one thing that isn’t more likely to change below Kurian’s management at Google Cloud. “The most important thing is that we believe that the platforms that win in the end are those that enable rather than destroy ecosystems. We really fundamentally believe that,” he informed me. “Any platform that wins in the end is always about fostering rather than shutting down an ecosystem. If you look at open-source companies, we think they work hard to build technology and enable developers to use it.”

Kurian isn’t the sort of CEO who will straight assault his opponents in an interview, however he did come reasonably near it on this context: “In order to sustain the company behind the open-source technology, they need a monetization vehicle. If the cloud provider attacks them and takes that away, then they are not viable and it deteriorates the open-source community.”

As for the way forward for Google Cloud, Kurian didn’t fairly need to take a look at his crystal ball. As a substitute, he argued that so long as the corporate focuses on doing what its clients need — beginning with hiring extra workers to assist these clients and making it simpler to do enterprise with Google — these clients will purchase much more of their cloud know-how from Google.

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