Bungie introduced yesterday that the developer would quickly roll out a repair to forestall Destiny 2 gamers on Xbox One and PC from utilizing the Wavesplitter unique tracer rifle, a weapon that was meant to be a PS4-exclusive. The weapon was by chance bought by Xur final weekend to gamers on different platforms as effectively, creating a problem for Bungie, which had marketed the weapon as console-exclusive content material particularly created for PS4 gamers.

With Activision as writer, Bungie has regularly teamed up with Sony to create unique content material for the PlayStation 4, whether or not that be unique weapons, new maps, and even total strikes solely for Guardians utilizing the console. Whereas the content material would ultimately be rolled out for different customers as effectively, it might take a very long time—generally so long as a yr, with many having misplaced curiosity within the content material or weapons within the interim. Console-exclusive DLC is not a comparatively frequent follow within the trade, however it’s additionally not an aberration. Dragon: Age Inquisition famously launched the Jaws of Hakkon DLC on PC and Xbox One effectively earlier than it arrived on the PS4, and partnerships sometimes crop up that go away particular demographics of avid gamers out within the chilly.

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For Future 2 customers, the answer is that Bungie will permit gamers on Xbox One and PC to maintain the Wavesplitter as soon as the repair is rolled out, though it would stay unusable till it enter the final inhabitants’s loot pool in September 2019. Gamers will simply have to carry on to a totally ineffective weapon for roughly six months whereas PS4 customers proceed to gallivant round with the hint rifle.

Destiny 2 Year 3 Plans

The bug that awarded customers with the Wavesplitter and Bungie’s subsequent try at a “fix” highlights a significant subject with the video games trade proper now: console-exclusive content material is very silly, and creates resentment in followers. PS4 customers usually tend to be relieved relatively than excited with regards to Wavesplitter entry, whereas PC and Xbox One customers are upset they’d a style of the brand new weapon and had it taken away as a result of they’d the audacity to make use of a special platform.

The most important subject with console-exclusive content material is that it punishes folks for not proudly owning a number of platforms. The truth shouldn’t be everybody can personal a number of completely different consoles in a single era—gaming is an costly interest that does not at all times permit for folks to take pleasure in all of the unique video games publishers produce. Whereas console-exclusive video games are a special animal, releasing a recreation on a number of platforms after which solely permitting customers on considered one of them to entry early content material and bonuses feels downright extortionary, to not point out merciless.

Let’s be fully clear—console unique content material has possible by no means influenced greater than a handful of followers to buy a tool for themselves to entry it earlier. The truth is it is extra typically a nuisance than it’s a promoting level, and it makes the businesses partaking within the follow look grasping because of this. Future 2 is clearly struggling because of Activision‘s incessant want to exploit as a lot cash out of shoppers as potential, however it’s not the one recreation seeking to rope off content material behind console exclusivity regardless of availability on a number of platforms. The Wavesplitter state of affairs and its repair are dumb, however what’s much more asinine is the existence of console-exclusive DLC in any respect when it is 2019 and publishers ought to know higher.

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