Deadpool Apologizes To David Beckham For Bad Ryan Reynolds Movies


The latest promo video for Deadpool 2 features Wade Wilson making amends to David Beckham – for bad Ryan Reynolds movies. Like with the first movie, the marketing for Deadpool 2 has been pulling out all the stops. Along with the typical trailers, TV spots, and posters, we’ve seen a number of bonus promotions for the film. One of the most high-profile of the batch came last week when Deadpool and Celine Dion made a music video. Not only did it allow the popular singer to join in on the joke, but it continued to prove that no one can touch the Reynolds franchise when it comes to inventive promotion.

Deadpool 2 may open bigger than the original, and that’s good news considering the director change and the move towards a larger ensemble. Reynolds has had a shoddy record at the box office in the past, but it seems from initial reactions that the sequel to Deadpool will match the unique action and humor of the first film. But the movie’s star still has plenty of misses in his repertoire, though he’s cleverly found a way to use his new hit character to poke fun at his past.

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Ryan Reynolds released a new Deadpool 2 promo today, this time roping in athlete David Beckham. The video is ostensibly about Wade apologizing to Beckham for mocking his voice in the first movie, but the soccer player (or rather the writers of the promo) get a few shots in at Reynolds to balance things out.

Green Lantern Ryan Reynolds Movie Deadpool Apologizes To David Beckham For Bad Ryan Reynolds Movies

Among the mocked movies are, of course, Green Lantern, which Reynolds has gotten plenty of mileage out of lampooning. Beckham also calls out Self/less along with Reynolds’ other comic book films Blade Trinity and R.I.P.D. And while Wade agrees with all of these choices, he takes umbrage with the inclusion of Boltneck. Likely, most fans won’t be familiar with the title, a low-budget horror-comedy from 2000 that featured Reynolds. And while the movie was poorly received by those who saw it, Wade (and possibly Reynolds) seems to think it has its merits.

Most every actor has made a bad film or two, and the savvy ones find ways to make light of their low points. Reynolds has a unique platform for doing this given the meta nature of Deadpool as a character. Of course, some of Reynolds weaker films still have their positive attributes. The 2009 Sandra Bullock film The Proposal didn’t garner great reviews, but the rom-com convinced Josh Brolin to join Deadpool 2. The film certainly has its fans, and it seems Brolin is one. So for fans pleased with the actor’s portrayal of Cable in Deadpool 2, perhaps they owe The Proposal a once-over.

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